Joint Professorship of University of Oulu and Finnish Meteorological Institute at Sodankylä

University of Oulu is a multi-disciplinary and international scientific community, with 16,000 students and approximately 3,000 employees. Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory (SGO) is a separate research institute of University of Oulu, with a national task of carrying out geophysical measurements and related research. Research is both empirical and theoretical, including development of measurement methods and modeling.  Studies of cosmic rays, magnetospheric physics, ionospheric physics and aeronomy of the middle and upper atmosphere belong to one of the research spearheads selected in the strategy of University of Oulu.

Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) is a research institute and meteorological service provider under the Ministry of Transport and Communications. FMI employs over 600 persons, more than half of those doing research related to meteorology, oceanography, atmospheric and climate change research, and space research (Earth observation, space weather and planetary research). FMI operates in Sodankylä the Arctic Space Centre (FMI-ASC) focusing on the Earth observation research and services, arctic climate change research and the development of weather-related intelligent traffic applications.

FMI and University of Oulu established in 2018 the Sodankylä Space Campus to enforce research co-operation by the two institutes at the Sodankylä Campus, northern Finland. University of Oulu and FMI invite applications for the position of  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR/ ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR/ PROFESSOR in Atmospheric Research and Remote Sensing, with emphasis on Space and Imaging Applications. This is a joint Research Professor position between University of Oulu and FMI. The professor will work in the interdisciplinary research programs of the Sodankylä Space Campus and will participate as a supervisor in doctoral programs, related to the fields of sciences driven at the Sodankylä Space Campus. The position is located at Sodankylä.

FMI-ASC and SGO together operate a globally unique research infrastructure, providing integrated observations of the processes and couplings in the Earth-atmosphere-space system at high latitudes. Research at Sodankylä is carried out together with the wide international research community, based on utilization and development of this infrastructure. The new professorship aims to strengthen the joint research profile of the Sodankylä Space Campus targeted widely to middle atmospheric research, by applying these data for various applications in an advanced, more effective manner by taking full advantage of novel data inversion and assimilation approaches. Potential research topics fitting in the current research profile of Sodankylä Space Campus could for example use and develop:

•                          Methods to retrieve and analyse improved spatio-temporal information on chemically important atmospheric minor constituents, greenhouse gases, aerosols and air pollution, as well as on couplings and processes in upper atmosphere, near-Earth space and lower atmosphere.

•                          Data assimilation systems for climate research.

•                          Advanced analysis methods for the upcoming EISCAT_3D incoherent scatter radar, targeted for lower and middle atmospheric applications.

•                          Development of mathematical inverse problem and artificial intelligence approaches in interpreting large combined remotes sensing and in-situ data sets in atmospheric applications.   

•                          Machine learning systems for intelligent traffic aided by weather radar system based nowcasting.

Job Responsibilities, Required Qualifications

The joint research professor is responsible for developing the research in the field of Geosciences and space weather as well as arctic weather and climate related applications in collaboration with relevant other FMI and University of Oulu teams.  The professor will be required to follow progress in the field, pursue and guide scientific research. Also, the interest towards the integrative approach to combine different disciplines (physics/geophysics/meteorology/data analysis/inverse methods) is appreciated.

Under section 33 of the Universities Act, the required qualifications for the professor position include a doctoral degree, high quality scientific or artistic competence, experience in supervising scientific research, ability to supervise theses, as well as evidence for international collaboration in his/her field of research.

An assistant/associate professor must hold a doctoral degree and ability for independent scientific work as well as teaching skills required by the position. Furthermore, the successful candidate is expected to have competence and motivation for scientific career proven by scientific publications and other academic activities.

When assessing the candidate’s merits, issues taken into consideration include peer-reviewed scientific publications and other research results with scientific value, and the doctoral theses the candidate has supervised. In addition to this, the following merits will be taken into consideration: the candidate’s activity in the scientific community; when necessary, practical familiarity with the field in question; success in acquiring supplementary funding; scientific work abroad and international activities. A particular emphasis is also paid to the submitted research and action plan.

The salary will be based on levels 8 – 10 of the demands level chart for teaching and research personnel in the salary system of Finnish universities.  An average starting salary for a newly appointed professor is ca. 5700 euros/month. The salary of an assistant (associate) professor is based on level 7 with the starting salary of about 4700 euros/month (5200 euros/month). In addition, the appointee will be paid a salary component based on personal work performance (maximum of 46.3 % of the
job-specific component). Additionally, the employee is entitled to health care benefits.

Application procedure

Applications, including the attachments in English, should be submitted by 10 August 2018, using the electronic application form. All material, including publications, should be submitted electronically.

The successful applicant may be appointed to a professorship or a fixed-term associate/assistant professorship (tenure track system consisting of two stages, each 3 – 5 years), depending on his or her qualifications and career stage. The position is filled as of 1.1.2019 or by agreement. A trial period of six (6) months is applied in the position.

The following documents must be attached to the application for expert assessment purposes:

1.                         a brief curriculum vitae written in accordance with the guidelines of the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity (

2.                         list of publications (15 most important ones marked) compiled in accordance with the guidelines of the Academy of Finland (

3.                         a research and action plan (max. 6 p.) that includes an account of applicant’s past and current research and a plan on how he/she wants to develop the research on mineral resources in the northern part of Fennoscandia

4.                         at most fifteen (15) publications and other works as a zipped file and indicated in accordance with the list of publications, to be taken into consideration upon assessment of the applicant's eligibility and merits.

Before being officially accepted for the position, the successful candidate must present his/her original degree diplomas or certified copies thereof, as well as signed curriculum vitae, to the faculty.

Referee Assessment

On proposition of the recruitment committee, nominated by the Research rector of University Oulu, the Research Council of the University of Oulu together with the responsible Research Professor and Director of FMI will select a minimum of two reviewers to be consulted regarding the selection process. When selecting the reviewers, the specialization of the candidates in his/her field is taken into consideration, and general fairness is observed otherwise as well.

The applicant will be informed of the referee candidates and shall be given an opportunity to express any objections regarding possible conflicts of interest or scientific doctrines represented by the candidates. Objections to individual referees shall be upheld or rejected in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act. The applicant shall be notified of the referees' statements as soon as they have been received.

Official Employment

The Research Rector of University of Oulu and the responsible Research Professor and Director of FMI will make a proposition on the basis of the proposition by the recruitment committee and submit this, justifications and attachments included, to the Rector and the Director General of FMI, who will make the decision concerning the employment of the candidate.

Contact information

In order to be sure of receiving the information and announcements issued in the course of the selection process, the candidate must provide the University with the necessary contact information as follows: address to which the written communications have to be sent; telephone number at work and at home and email address.

For further information regarding the filling of this post, please contact:

Professor Jouni Pulliainen, Finnish Meteorological Institute, tel. +358 505895821, email: jouni.pulliainen (at)

Director Esa Turunen, Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory, tel. +358 505663264, email: esa.turunen (at)

Relevant Regulations

University Law (558/2009) and Statute (770/2009), the Regulations of the University of Oulu (23.11.2015).



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